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Worry Warrior

I'm waging a war.
A war on worry.
Anxiety the enemy.
Serenity my friend.

I'm pledging allegiance.
It makes total sense.
I'm now taking sides.

And as I gain traction
There'll be no retraction.
As the worries subside.

So I'm keeping my chin up.
Flying my flag.
And victory will be mine.

S. Camplin



She's here to welcome me
When I return home.
Solid and silent.
Never reneges on our deal.

Many times I have craved
For what she provides.
And moments when I'd like to replace her.
Magnanimous I'm sure.
She'd be happy to share.

A confidant.
She's significant.
One I will fiercely protect.
Solitude and I are the firmest of friends.

S. Camplin



Oscillating. They
Surge, and ebb, and grow. I yearn
To go with the flow.

Love chopping garlic.
Love the smell on my fingers.
Love eating garlic.

Steady moon. Our rock
Of ages. She waxes. Wains.
Her spirit intact.

Mindfulness can be
Freeing. Be aware of your 
Feelings. To let go.

Avocado. For 
Brunch. Smooth and creamy, it's a
Delight for the tongue.

The bulbs are planted. 
Their green tips breaking soil. I'll 
Harvest onions. 


Sister. My Sister.

I see you walk on by.
Wearing ya downbeat swag.

A pram laden down.
Many worries in them bags.

Your courage and strength.
On making ends meet.

My heart becomes humbled.
You are the unknown soldier.

So I honour you now.
As I honoured you then.

Sister.  My sister. 
Our fight will go on!

S. Camplin


Digging Your Vibe

An intriguing woman.
With a deep intellect.
A surreal sense of humour.
With a macabre wit.

Your laugh is like a ripple.
So present.  So free.
With a beautiful quality,
To let others just be.

And at your core,
Are not empty words.
But an ever-fixed conviction,
For full equality.

Unique in your way.
As the green of your eyes.
Calm and earthy, and wise.
I'm really digging your vibe.

S. Camplin


Dark Crevices

Boundaries breached.
And I reach for
The familiar.
The drone.
The tone of being alone.

In safer spaces.
Dark crevices.
All creased.
Folding in.

Reaching out may hurt.
So I remain wrapped
Round the coil.
Of my own making.

S. Camplin


A Tsunami

Emotions crash in.
A tsunami of feeling.
Wreaking uncertainty.
A tidal wave of pain.

Anxiety in trails.
No bank of wisdom
Can stem the tide.
Still struggling
With my vulnerable side.

I can't hide from it.
And nor will I.
I resolve to be kind
On my mind.

Hoping to find
That level shelter.
For longer and longer.
Each time.

S. Camplin


If I Could Show You...
If I could show you how I feel,
I would...
Kiss your neck.
Stroke your arm.
And look deep in your eyes.
Laugh with you.
Dance with you.
And walk hand in hand.
Debate with you.
Rest my head on you.
And give you my time.
Praise you.
Smile with you.
And raise you up high.
S. Camplin


My Feelings

My feelings
Are not a broken toy.
To discard
When play is over.

My feelings
Are precious, just like yours.
So to dismiss them
Is really hurtful.

My feelings
Are real, just like yours.
So treat them like
You mean it.

S. Camplin


Maternal Deference

I see the way you defer to him.
Preferring his opinion.
Lip service you pay,
To equality. 
You're threatened
By my freedom.

 I hear the way you defer to him.
 So proud of his achievements.
My womanly success
Is undermined.
You're uncomfortable
With my strong feeling.

S. Camplin



Confusion abounds.
Strong feelings
Surround us.

We connect.
And yet,
So far you are
From me.

I resign to the table.
To desire from afar.

S. Camplin


My Love

Loving is for letting go.
To want you to be free. 
For you to grow. 
To bloom,
And to know. 
That my love 
For you is true. 

S. Camplin


To Trust 

Openness and trust 
Are qualities 
I admire. 

Secrecy and the covert.
Not things 
I desire.

Nothing to hide. 

Honesty is sexy.
The truth. 
For me.

To communicate freely.
Being open. 
Being real.

S. Camplin 


Exhilaration and Peace

I catch myself
Catching sight of my self.
My true self.
And the peace at the centre,
It fills up.
I'm alright. 

The flashes of freedom 
I've staked.
And I've claimed. 
The exhilaration, 
And peace.
It fills up again. 

S. Camplin 


Six Degrees of Separation
I wanna feel
What I feel
When I feel it.
I wanna own it.
Not be a boxed up,
boxed in.
Labelled 'thing'.
I wanna express it.
Not separate it.
Like a silo, with a one way drive.
I wanna elucidate.
Be connected.
Not separated,
From how I really feel.
S. Camplin


Let the Blood Run Free
Out the blood flows.
She instinctively knows,
What time to come and go.
Words get spoken.
Tensions raised and broken.
As she has cleansed my womb.
So let the pain go.
From within you, below.
And cleanse in order to sow.
The sowing will reap
Wise notions to keep.
As she is the life force of all.
S. Camplin

Cycle of Abuse
I'm a survivor.
One of many.
A warrior.
If I may.
Been made to feel small.
Not caught when we fall.
But now we stand tall.
Or so we should.
I'm a survivor.
One of many.
A warrior.
If I may.
Though it ain't that easy,
To shelve responsibility.
To free the guilt,
The shame and blame.
I'm a survivor.
One of many.
A warrior.
If I may.
Of course,
I'm strong.
I didn't do no wrong.
I must remember that song.
I'm a survivor.
One of many.
A warrior.
If I may.
S. Camplin

Silence is peaceful they say.
Enjoy the silence.
That is true.
But I know that silence
Can be a friend to my enemy too.
The bully, the abuser.
Is that you?
So to shatter the silence
Is not always bad.
To be seen and not heard,
But be misunderstood.
So let's shatter the silence.
Let us end the violence.
S. Camplin

Warrior Marks
I brandish my scars
Like warrior marks.
An inner armour.
Not to harm you.
Rather, me.
Now learning to be.
I contemplate.
No longer berate
My healing soul.
There's a whole there.
And I brandish my scars.
Like warrior marks.
A metaphorical armoury.
Coveting harmony.
S. Camplin
Morning Fairy
The garden changes shape
As the morning lifts.
The shadows shift away
With the dawn.
The eeriness diminished.
Things look soft and free.
The trees that once were monsters,
Are just friendly little ferns.
And what once was dark and scary.
Has been banished away by a fairy!

S. Camplin